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What I've Learned

These are the things I have learned about the people who have won the seat of Ward 1 in no particular order

One has shown to promote white supremacist ideas. 

Another has ended up stabbing his voters in the back.

And the another has been under investigation for breaking the law.

Loveland can do better. 

Current Opponents

The current crop of opponents are an interesting group. 2 Lawyers and a Doctor. 

Russel Sinnett is hilarious. Watching him waffle while explaining his position on the Red Flag Law to Republicans is typical. He looks as if his policies are formed by putting his finger to the wind. 

Troy Krenning is a quitter who wants to absolve himself of the mess he made while on city council while taking responsibility for nothing. 

Dan Anderson, well, this mans world can be destroyed in 10 minutes of conversation. 

Common factor: None of these people have an independent thought between them form the future on Loveland.


1 Attract Work From Home (WFH)

   We have Fiber internet in Loveland. People can work from anywhere, Why not Loveland. And our internet is better than most Cities with the Pulse Network

2 In-Fill Development

   Instead of spending years trying to create huge developments for a lot of people, we should use smaller, available parcels to house a few people now. 

3 Return our investment for Pulse to the citizens. 

  Rural America gets their fiber internet infrastructure put in for free while Loveland had to pay for it. We need to be lobbying our elected officials to reimburse the city of Loveland for Pulse. 

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