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Investment- It is time to think long term instead of flashy short term investment. By burying our overhead lines, we will make our community less industrial and more attractive overall. While we are burying our lines, we can also upgrade our utility system which will provide more stable power for Technology corporations. 

Representation-We currently have almost no representation of those who collect a paycheck as I do. Almost everyone who collects a paycheck knows a time when they had to make the impossible happen. We are the backbone of the economy and deserve representation as such. 



At the League of Women's Voters forum in 2017 I was bothered that no other would agree to a resolution against white supremacists. I was the only candidate to emphatically state "yes". When you are silent with white supremacists, they deem you as agreeing with them. All other candidates stated that no resolution was needed. I have to wonder if their political base are sympathetic to these people. I will always stand strong against those of narrow mind who demand is divided. 


      One of the little known items of technology is dirty power. This is the fluctuation  of voltage as it is used by devices.  This is something that harms technology. By upgrading our power system we will clean up our power and become more attractive to the new generation of business. 


      If we implement a plan of growth that is built on the foundation of prosperity, then we can have growth on our terms instead of now being beggars at the table.  Our current growth forgets how important education is to that foundation. Once we pay attention to the basics, then we can ask companies what they will do for us, instead of what we can give them. 

     Companies want to move to cities that their employees families will enjoy, those families look for a strong foundation in education. Our city of Loveland needs to grow up to the fact that funding of our schools is of the utmost importance. 

     Growth will happen regardless of your position. Our question to ask is, what do we get for it?

     I have been the only person to campaign on a specific solution to transportation. In 2017 I said we should cross the canal and finish 37th street to the east of hwy 287. Coincidentally, this is now being done before the election. I am succeeding before getting elected. 


       I have always been a strong proponent of the environment, because this leads to the positive growth we want.  This is turn makes a place that business wants to be.  Not just minimum wage business that we have now, but business that provides good jobs that pay well. 


     Leadership has a diversity of ideas. We currently have a majority of single thinking on most issues regarding our city. Some people thing change can happen by nipping around the edges. True change happens when we have ideas that go beyond soundbites. 


    We must remember that demand comes from families and people, business is to supply that demand. The business community in Loveland needs to get on board with better funding of schools.

    According to a University of Madison-Wisconsin study each Wal-mart costs a community about a million dollars. An idea I have had is what I call the Small Business UBI. A fee on a business where the CEO makes more than 20 times the lowest paid employee. This fee would then be put into a pool, not for the city government, but as a fund that our existing small businesses would draw on the supplement their employees wages or benefits. 

    We need to stop giving sales tax breaks to large business, because this burdens our existing small businesses with a tax burden.  We need to nourish our existing home-town businesses. I like small business that looks each employee in the eye, rather than a number to be laid off. 

Public Safety

    Our Police Department has had a series of incidents that have brought a bad light onto our fair community. Like it or not, this will take a long time to overcome. 

    As much as people would like to hear a simple solution, that is what gets us where we are now.  Many of these issues come from the top. I am talking about a current city council that has for years ignored or looked the other way while incidents happen. 

    One of the talking points of people is that we need to be careful of how we treat our officers, because we need them to protect us. I, for one, will not allow our city and good officers to be held hostage by bad thinking. We can have many good officers. The common factor is that officers who tell the truth and expose malfeasance or often fired for their efforts. I would like Loveland to become a haven for these good officers and make our community more successful. 

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